Town and Country Jewellery, Hand made in Britain

About us

Jarvis & Co. Jewellery was founded by Bethan Jarvis, it is a small family run business which consists of Bethan, her two eldest children who assist in craft fairs and her 3 border collies who are her workshop dogs.  

We are specialists in fine organic jewellery made from casting oak and horse-chestnut twigs and leaves.  We also specialise in bespoke jewellery made from twigs collected from precious places that capture meaningful memories to our clients. (see 'bespoke')  

About Bethan..... Bethan explores and studies her beautiful natural woodland surroundings, focusing on the strength and resilience of nature and the earth’s natural treasures, from her studies she has developed an organic and unique range of jewellery using the ancient technique of sand cast and lost wax casting creating jewellery using precious metals and gemstones organically embedded within silver and gold.